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239 weeks ago

Welcome to Aura Free Company on the Gilgamesh server!

We are a moderately sized FC focusing on all aspects of PvE especially endgame raiding and events. Although most of our members are Lv50, we are home to all kinds of players including casual players, those interested in crafting and those new to FFXIV.

Whether downing some of the hardest content in the game

Being downed by some of the hardest content in the game…

Helping our FC mates through their various trials

Lounging around our manor

Crafting together

Or, just being silly

We value our close-knit community of friends and try hard to maintain an open, friendly atmosphere to players of all types.

If you think Aura might be the place for you, don't hesitate to apply or contact one of our officers (Chiyaura Bakeneko, Nakedyam Freeshirts, Jim Eurell, Hadhod Bravura, or Auluara Vandraren online.

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