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178 weeks ago

Aura is generally considered an 18+ FC. We swear, we indulge in adult conversations (especially after dark), and we frequently entertain off color jokes and humor.

That being said, we are a diverse group of players and people. In an effort to be an open and welcoming environment to all players, we have one general rule:

Don't be a dick.

Malicious behavior that seeks to alienate or otherwise insult other players or seeks to create a hostile "work" environment will be dealt with accordingly by the officers. Please try to minimize antagonistic behaviors or language in public channels of communication including teamspeak. If there are ever any issues that need to be addressed, please contact an officer immediately–the sooner we are made aware, the sooner the issue can be confronted.

This also applies to behaviors outside of Aura FC. Treating groups in PF poorly or behaving in such a manner that would diminish the server reputation of the Aura tag will also not be tolerated.

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