Lucat Member replied

66 weeks ago

I'd like to get a head count and schedule availability to start coordinating some extreme primal runs. I know quite a handful want to get into raiding but have yet to experience content that is readily available, yet hard to dive into. The main purpose of this would be to not only teach/learn current content, but also to become familiar with raid mechanics as well as providing objective and constructive criticism.

We would be completing all extreme primals, working our way to EggNogEX2: Tokyo Drift.

Please post your availability and job of preference. If you're still deciding if raiding is for you, whether or not you like your job or need some type of motivation– just do it for the pigeons.

Nakedyam Admin replied

66 weeks ago

I can always fill in if I am on. Don't know if I will be able to show up 100% of the time due to my schedule.

I can come in as tank, heals, or SMN.
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Scaredy replied

66 weeks ago

I can help out on nights I don't raid.

I only have a properly gear monk
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